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The best bookies for online horse betting:


Bovada - Quite possibly the most popular sports betting operator in the world. They have an entire section devoted entirely to betting on the ponies. They offer betting on over 80 North American racing tracks.  The racing archives section makes things especially easy. Here you can review results from last week or even older racing information which makes placing an intelligent bet that much easier. The toolkit includes informed analysis, scheduled events,  as well as info on the race of the week and much more. To top things off they have a generous sign up bonus and some of the most generous comps in the industry.


Bet Online - A leading bookie that focuses entirely on horse wagering. Bet Online has a low minimum deposit amount which makes jumping in very easy.  They have a generous sign up bonus to get you started and they make sure to reward you for sticking around.  They also have a wide range of deposit options. There's daily contests that keep things interesting. Find full track odds on Win, Place, and Show. Find track odds at up to 300 to 1.

GT Bets - Our new favorite bookie offers betting on all major horse racing events including the Belmont Stakes. The 2012 event is one for the history books and this bookie enables you to place a quick wager on this race. They offer all new depositors a huge sign up bonus.

They offer 24 hours a day customer service, easy deposit options, and best of all they pay out your winnings quickly.

Highly Recommended.

We take great pride in locating premium offshore sports books. We test different companies and review them based on the odds that they offer, as  well as how responsive these different companies are concerning our queries and any concerns that we may have. Most operators fail our various tests, we outline the cream of the crop.

We hope that you can place a bet on your favorite track/horse safely and effectively.